Research coordinator: Fernanda Borges

The Fernanda Borges Research Group is an internationally competitive and recognized multidisciplinary team working at the chemistry–biology interface in R&D areas related with human health and well-being. The team is composed of researchers with diverse backgrounds, from chemistry, biology and biochemistry to pharmacy and nanotechnology, and has expertise in drug discovery, analysis and delivery.

Our projects are mainly related to the rational discovery of new chemical entities (NCEs) to feed the pipeline of diseases with unmet needs for therapeutic solutions. The R&D is focused in the discovery of NCEs with first-rate drug-like and ADMET properties and ultimately in proof-of-concept in in vivo disease models. The foremost goal is to transfer the patented/patentable innovations for pharmaceutical/biotech industries. Our mission also encompasses training of young scientists and science dissemination. In the framework of its scientific activities, the Drug Discovery Group cooperates with several national and international renowned institutions. The networking activities of the group are open for further owners and interested scientists.