Tiago Barros Silva

Postdoctoral Researcher



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Tiago Barros Silva obtained his MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2010) and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences – Toxicology (2016) from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto. He has since worked as a postdoc in collaboration with three different research groups: the MedChem group led by F. Borges (CIQ/FCUP, Porto PT), MitoXT group led by P.J. Oliveira (Biocant/UC, Coimbra PT) and the KAS group led by K. Astakhova (DTU Chem, Copenhagen DK), developing projects in small molecule drug design, toxicology and nanotherapeutics. He is currently working on the development of smart  dual-acting dopamine-enhacing inhibitors of ferroptosis for neurological disorders associated with dopamine depletion.


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